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[ Council of the North 2010 ]  

The Council of the North is a grouping of financially assisted dioceses, which are supported through grants by General Synod. 

There are 9 dioceses who are members of C.O.N
•Anglican Parishes of the Central Interior - Bishop Barbara Andrews
•Diocese of the Arctic-Bishop Andrew Atagotaaluk, Bishop Larry Robertson _ Bishop Ben Arreak
•Diocese of Athabasca-Bishop Fraser Lawton
•Diocese of Brandon-Bishop Jim Njegovan
•Diocese of Caledonia-Bishop William Anderson
•Diocese of Eastern NFLD _ Lab-Bishop Cy Pitman
•Diocese of Keewatin-Archbishop David Ashdown(Chair)
•Diocese of Moosonee-Bishop Thomas Corston
•Diocese of Quebec-Bishop Dennis Drainville
•Diocese of Saskatchewan-Bishop Michael Hawkins
•Diocese of Yukon-Bishop Terry Buckle

In these parts of the country, costs, particularly of travel, are high but financial resources are scarce.

The council comprised of all bishops of the assisted diocese administers the General Synod’s grants for northern mission, the council meets twice a year to share information about the unique challenges faced by smaller ministries in the north.

They work together to provide pastoral and sacramental ministry to all who are living in isolated communities in Canada’s North.

If you wish to make a donation to Council of the North please send to:

Fiona Brownlee
Communications for Council of the North
PO Box 67
Kenora, ON
P9N 3X1

Please visit the National website for further information at:
Council of the North

Council of the North is also on Facebook

[ Council of the North 2010 ]  
Northern Ontario Region
Northern Manitoba Region
Southern Region
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